Saturday, June 2, 2012

As of Late...

Life, as of late:

The BBQ chicken "wings" I made for Memorial Day weekend... Yum!

My arch nemesis... He always seems to know when there is studying to be done, or a nap to be taken--he picks that time to come driving around at 2 miles an hour, boasting about his wares by blaring his old-school Nintendo-like music. Curse you, Ice Cream Man.
Justice will be had....Somehow...

Marcus thought he was pretty clever by mutilating our game box... Of course, I guess he deserved the recognition since he beat me so many freaking times in a row...

Sometimes, you just have to clean...EVERYTHING...

Yummy brownies we made to take to dinner with some new friends. :)

The book I'm sure EVERYONE has read, but I just got it from the library. I read it in 3 days. 
Can't decide if I want to read the second one yet or not--I think this one was ok because I have seen the movie and knew what was going to happen. So I was relieved. Haha!

Cool new place we tried with one of my dearest friends and her lovely new fiance---still feels weird to say that. I'm so happy for them (I'm so happy for YOU, Pheebs! And thanks for reading my simple blog and being such a great friend)! 

I'm off to sketch--perhaps I'll actually share a few on here one of these days...
That sounded promising, right? 


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