Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Current Happenings

waking up during all hours of the night to get homework done. I slept about 3 hours last night, off and on. MUST. GET. HOMEWORK. DONE! I think it may kill me. 
watching the third season of Sherlock (actually, I recently finished it). OHMYGOSH, amazing. 

enjoying my homework. No, I'm not sick. I checked. 
making a blanket fort for date night. (Popsicle stick is from our date night jar full of ideas.) I must admit I have gotten a bit rusty in my fort making. When I was a kid, my brother and sister and I made a fort that spanned our entire basement, no joke. Toilet paper barricades may have been involved. :) 

writing some research for a new project about Little Red Riding Hood. Check out some of my visual inspiration.
ordering new boots!!! So excited! 
planning the future
dreaming about a beach and the sun. 
playing Puzzle Craft. I am not a gamer, so I am shocking myself. 
feeling excited, tired, motivated, etc. 
reading my new issue of Communication Arts magazine. Seriously geeking out. 

eating homemade Oreos. Arrrhdjfjfnjs, they're so good.

What are you up to? :D 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Design Work

This semester has been so much fun. Busy, busy, busy....but fun. I am learning and growing and enjoying. But with all that work, I also did a few things on the side. One is not quite done yet, but I will show when it is! :) The other is what I am showing today! Maybe it can inspire you somehow.

One of my old roommates from BYU and a very dear friend just got married. I was so excited for her, it was great to see her so absolutely happy. Funny how much can change in two years. I remember sitting with her on our crappy futon in our apartment eating ice cream and talking about boys. Now we are both married. Oh, life. :)

Anyway! She asked me to do a few posters for her wedding and I absolutely leaped at the chance.
So fun!

I made two versions of the one below--she went with the black and gold one eventually, but I thought the color one would be fun to show as well.

Loved this project!!! :) 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 : Work

It seems that the trend this year is to be "above" New Year's resolutions or to condense it down into one little word for the whole year. Is anyone else seeing this?

I, for one, am a huge fan of the new year. I buy in to the whole "fresh start-evalutate yourself-set goals" way of looking at the year, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Anything to keep me on top of my game more.

But along with my New Years Resolutions, I do like the idea of a theme for the year. And as much as my 11 year old self would hate me for picking this theme, it had to be done. Let me explain: growing up, we had a night set aside for a family lesson/game night (Family Home Evening for anyone LDS). For about a year straight (at least, in my kid mind it seemed that long), my Dad gave the lesson on the importance of work. Man, he drilled that into our heads. And I hated every second. The thing is though, as I have grown older that is one of the main things I am so grateful for--that I was taught how to work. I took it for granted until I saw how many people in the workforce, college, life, etc. don't know how.

Anyway, off the soapboax. For 2014, my word is, obviously, "Work." I picked this because it is a crucial time in my college career and my future design career. There are so many things I want to accomplish in 2014, and I am going to have to bust my butt to come out where I want to be at the end of the year.

So 2014 will be the year of the "buckle-down." The "just-shut-up-and-get-it-done" attitude.

Let's get to work.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Current Happenings

waking up in my own bed... Really weird. I just got home from a week long vacation at my parent's house. Christmas was glorious. 
watching Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies-- over Christmas vacation, I watched the entire LOTR series and the new Hobbit movie. It was a good nerd-out. 
enjoying the last "free" week M and I have before school starts again.  
making some posters for one of my best friend's wedding! So fun. 
writing our 2014 goals, and a rather long to-do list.
ordering my Christmas present-- Communication Arts magazine. SO excited!  
planning out the next year/semester/week/and following year. So much to plan, and the new year is the best excuse to get super organized and back on track. Hello, forgotten planner. Here I come. 
dreaming about Summer. And cutting my hair. And getting new glasses.

playing with my new iPhone--Christmas came and she was goooood. :) 
feeling ready to start the new year and attack some goals!!! 
reading Creative, Inc.  
loving time spent with family and friends over Christmas.

wanting to become more on top of things next year--school, work, church responsibilities, marriage, home duties... And now wanting to take a nap. Haha!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Been Gone // New Year

Finals and Christmas were a good excuse for me to stay away from the blog for a while, but I have missed writing down my thoughts and things that happen. I find blogging fun, and that's why I do it. Although I have also taken to writing in a journal from time to time (I am trying not to make it an obligation, so that way I will actually keep doing it).

Anyone else excited for 2014?? I have so many things I want to do better. I love the feeling of renewal that comes with the new year.... it's like the possibilities are endless! I'll share my goals on the 1st, I think sharing them on the blog will help me to be accountable for them as well.

Do you have any goals for the new year??

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Brag Post

As I have grown older and moved away from home, I have made a lot of friends who have no idea who my family is. It's a shame, really--because they're an awesome group of people. I can't imagine NOT knowing them. Ok, so to all you people who must be utterly miserable because you don't know my family, 
I'll introduce you.   :) 

This is my older brother, Sam. When we were little we hated each other. I think he pushed me off the couch when I got home from the hospital, haha. But we became great friends. He is such a go-getter and a hard worker. When he sees something he wants, he goes after it maximum power. He'll talk your ear off, but he's super intelligent. I always had to work really hard for my A's... he seemed to get them naturally. How very annoying. ;) He is going to school for finance, and currently has two internships. He also owns his own company (based out of Provo)-- one that makes sick soft-goods for snowboarding. 
It's called Jib Kids. Check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE

This is my little-not-so-little sister, Sierra. But we actually call her "Seesa." Why? Because when I was 4 and she was going to be born, I thought it would be a rad name. And it stuck. It's my claim to fame, folks. She is one of the MOST AMAZING people I know. She is the calm in the craziness, she's so chill and level-headed. She is smart, multi-talented, and super funny. If I ever say a funny catch phrase, it's probably one I stole from her. I look up to her as a person and as a daughter of God. The picture above is at her graduation from massage therapy school. She now works as a massage therapist in CO. But you know, she's gotta top herself after that--she hopes to be accepted to BYU. Miss her like crazy.
PS, in this photo she is wearing heels and I am not. Just wanted to clear that up. 

Miley Cyrus aint got nothing on this little crazy. :) This is my little brother Skyler. He is twelve years younger than me and my favorite little person. He is smart as a whip, and usually uses that power to get out of stuff. ;) And that cute mug, of course. He remembers things so easily, I swear his mind is a dictionary. He loves legos and Minecraft. He's the only one of us that got Dad's blue eyes. He's already adorable--once puberty hits this kid is going to be drop dead gorgeous. He always makes me laugh and he has the best questions and the sweetest heart. 

My Mom got this dog a few months before I moved out--she was training a replacement child. ;) This is Zach, my Mom's baby. He's basically a cat-dog, he's so lazy and scared of stuff. Unless you are knocking at the door, he thinks he's the most terrifying guard dog around. But he loves junk food and snuggling, he's the sweetest little thing. And that face! I die. 

These awesome people are my Mom and Dad. They have such an amazing marriage and a deep love and respect for each other. Together they taught me (through their actions) exactly what a marriage should be. 

My Mom is so organized and prepared. I swear she thinks of everything. She has been a great example to me of how to run a household and raise a family. She helped me gain a testimony, and helped me develop a strong love of my country. She brought my family so close, I don't think any of us would have the amazing relationships with each other that we have if it weren't for her. I also wouldn't know anything, because she actually home-schooled all of us. I owe her the credit for my acceptance to and good grades in college. She is also funny, kind and thoughtful. She is an example and a role model for my life
 and future family. 

My Dad is truly someone I look up to. He is honest and hardworking and smart. He is a structural engineer that designs bridges. I love it when he comes to town on business, we always get dinner and I still run to hug him. He taught me what to expect from a future husband, how to hunt, how to shoot, and how to drive a boat. He taught me the value of hard work, and countless life skills in the process. He taught me to be disciplined and respectful. He taught me to be a good person, and love my Savior. 

And my amazing Hubby. When I started dating him I realized I was the luckiest girl in the world. Our anniversary is coming up, so I'll save the gushy posts for then, but... I love this man. With all my heart. 

Well, now you've met my family. Your life feels fulfilled now, doesn't it? ;)


Monday, October 7, 2013

What's in My Schoolbag?

I love this bag. So much. I had been wanting a timeless looking bag to take to school (art major, I have to think of these things--haha), and I stumbled on this Etsy shop.

I thought the bags were gorgeous and my birthday was coming up soon (I purchased this in May), so I begged M for the bag I wanted. The smell (of the real leather) takes a while to fade (I don't notice it anymore, but M hates it, haha)--but other than that, I am really happy with the bag and the quality. 

But on to what's in it! 

In my front inside pocket, I keep all my notebooks-- I have my planner, my idea/sketchbook, and the pink notebook for all my class/lecture notes. 

In the main pocket, I keep anything I would need for that day of class--sometimes my big folder, other times just another sketchbook and my box of supplies. Just depends on the day. 

I have a bunch of misc. stuff in the outside front zippered pocket or in other pockets in the bag. I have to have my glasses (I'm so blind), my pens, my chapstick, and my iPod Shuffle (I keep it in that container so I can always find it and so the headphones don't get tangled/ruined). Throw in some mints and kleenex for good luck. 

I love having this snack bag. It keeps everything separate from my books and getting smashed (it's slightly padded). I also don't have to worry about anything spilling (sometimes I will put a half finished granola bar back in for later). 

I have a few other random things in another pouch. I rarely use them, but since I have no car and am usually gone all day, they are nice to have. The pill container holds ibuprofen and Tums, and the little bit of makeup/wipes is if I ever run to class and realize I am a hot mess. 

I hope you liked the peek into my bag, I honestly love looking in other people's purses/bags (on blogs, videos, etc). It tells you so much about them. Is that creepy? Haha.