Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Design Work

This semester has been so much fun. Busy, busy, busy....but fun. I am learning and growing and enjoying. But with all that work, I also did a few things on the side. One is not quite done yet, but I will show when it is! :) The other is what I am showing today! Maybe it can inspire you somehow.

One of my old roommates from BYU and a very dear friend just got married. I was so excited for her, it was great to see her so absolutely happy. Funny how much can change in two years. I remember sitting with her on our crappy futon in our apartment eating ice cream and talking about boys. Now we are both married. Oh, life. :)

Anyway! She asked me to do a few posters for her wedding and I absolutely leaped at the chance.
So fun!

I made two versions of the one below--she went with the black and gold one eventually, but I thought the color one would be fun to show as well.

Loved this project!!! :) 

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