Monday, October 7, 2013

What's in My Schoolbag?

I love this bag. So much. I had been wanting a timeless looking bag to take to school (art major, I have to think of these things--haha), and I stumbled on this Etsy shop.

I thought the bags were gorgeous and my birthday was coming up soon (I purchased this in May), so I begged M for the bag I wanted. The smell (of the real leather) takes a while to fade (I don't notice it anymore, but M hates it, haha)--but other than that, I am really happy with the bag and the quality. 

But on to what's in it! 

In my front inside pocket, I keep all my notebooks-- I have my planner, my idea/sketchbook, and the pink notebook for all my class/lecture notes. 

In the main pocket, I keep anything I would need for that day of class--sometimes my big folder, other times just another sketchbook and my box of supplies. Just depends on the day. 

I have a bunch of misc. stuff in the outside front zippered pocket or in other pockets in the bag. I have to have my glasses (I'm so blind), my pens, my chapstick, and my iPod Shuffle (I keep it in that container so I can always find it and so the headphones don't get tangled/ruined). Throw in some mints and kleenex for good luck. 

I love having this snack bag. It keeps everything separate from my books and getting smashed (it's slightly padded). I also don't have to worry about anything spilling (sometimes I will put a half finished granola bar back in for later). 

I have a few other random things in another pouch. I rarely use them, but since I have no car and am usually gone all day, they are nice to have. The pill container holds ibuprofen and Tums, and the little bit of makeup/wipes is if I ever run to class and realize I am a hot mess. 

I hope you liked the peek into my bag, I honestly love looking in other people's purses/bags (on blogs, videos, etc). It tells you so much about them. Is that creepy? Haha. 


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