Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 Thing A Week - Organizing

I love to organize. 

It's a bit of a disease, really. An incredibly satisfying, alphabetizing, color coding disease. 
I first noticed I was obsessed many years ago at a friend's sleepover party. I was waiting for my turn to play Bomber-man on the Gamecube (I told you, forever ago)--and I alphabetized my friend's video game collection. 

I never stopped after that (Feel free to laugh, my friends did).  :)

I'm not so into alphabetizing anymore (what a pain in the butt--unless it is necessary), but I am into getting the most out of every space, and making it look nice. Although I am in an apartment right now and can't change much (as in adding shelving, paint, etc), I am constantly trying to make things flow better and keep things organized. 

I'll share two little recent projects I am proud of, so maybe you can get obsessed too!

A few weeks ago I decided to tackle the pantry and the snack cabinet. Also, we had a lot of books stacked under the desk in the "living room." I wanted to fix all of these problems with one solution.

Snack Cabinet:


I didn't get a picture of the desk, just imagine stacks of books underneath. :) 

The pantry and cabinet weren't exactly messy, I just wasn't using my space as smart as I could have. 

First step to tackle this (or any job like it) is to take everything out! 
Pull it out, wipe the shelves off, start fresh so you can see the space in front of you. Think about it in a new way. I try to always have a plan before I start, but sometimes you just have to see the space empty before you can imagine a different system.

I moved the few cans out from the bottom shelf of the pantry and moved them to the snack cabinet. I also used a few spare jars I had to organize our drink mixes, spice packets, etc. 

Cleaning this up and moving the cans meant I had more space in the pantry-- I moved a bunch of the boxes to the top of the pantry, cleaned out the bottom and reorganized everything, and moved all the books from the desk to the bottom shelf. 

I also added a label for the pasta box (formerly a ramen noodle box)-- mostly because the ramen box was ugly, but also because I like to label things. 

Huzzah!  Three problems solved with one solution. I love it when that happens! Our storage works so much better this way, and I love utilizing my space better. 

2nd Project:

A few days ago, I decided my closet needed an overhaul... Mostly because on my trip home (pics to come) my Mom took me shopping and, needless to say, I came back with a much fuller suitcase. So I wanted a more organized space for all my new clothes. 

I know, I know. Hubby says I have a lot of clothes. And yet... I never have anything to wear! ;)

So I grabbed two bags-- clothes I wanted to donate, and those I want my oh-so-talented sister to make into a t-shirt blanket for me (since all of my outdated/ill-fitting/hardly worn clothes are t-shirts). 

Hubby and I also made a detailed schedule for our day to better manage our time. 
We hung it in the closet--it seemed to be the best place for it because it meant
 we had to look at it every morning and prep for the day.
I also reorganized all my undershirts and
 folded the skirts I don't wear as much to free up some hanger space.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it actually is a huge improvement. 

See why I love organizing? 

If you want more motivation, check out some of my favorite sites:

And of course, for any inspiration, I also visit Pinterest (Who doesn't?). 


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