Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Time

Got a chance to go on TWO vacations back to Colorado this month--how lucky am I?!? 
The first vacation we were supposed to go boating, but that trip got pushed back because my brother broke his ankle being a Master Adventurer. :) 
I already had my flight booked, so I came out anyway (alone...  :(  Marcus had to work). It turned out to be SUPER fun--my Mom and Sis and I all went shopping (I hadn't been in sooo long--Thanks, Mom!). 

It was great to go and see my family, but I was really glad when I could go back again--this time with Hubby. We got to go boating and swimming, and just generally enjoy some downtime. 

I love my family, love M's families, and so glad for the time that we had. 

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