Friday, October 12, 2012

Sometimes Stylish, H&M, and Pinterest Wishes

So... I went shopping again... 
What? Don't give me that judging stare! I last went 2 months ago! 
Oh... Now I get the pity stare... I think I liked the judging one better... ;)

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Hubby had to go out of town for business, so I may or may not have gotten a bunch of clothes at H&M while he was gone. (Judging by the clothes in the picture above, you may have deduced that I DID.)

Lately I have been really trying to work on my style and get good pieces that can be remixed and really utilized. I LOVE Pinterest (Who doesn't?) for finding new outfit ideas and making my clothes wish list.

So, here are a few outfits I have to show ya (some before shopping trip, some after):

A few items I'm saving up for/still want: 

Colored tights (Here)

Printed pants (floral...or polka dots?)

Low heeled booties like these: (Found HERE)

A varsity jacket like this one: (Found HERE)

Anyway, loving clothes and the changing seasons and the fact that I get to wear jackets and scarves now... It also rained all day today, which was lovely and wonderful. I love the rain. 
I guess I will go to bed now... With lots of clothing wants bouncing around my head... Because that is wayyy better than the Whiz Khalifa and Dementor dream I had last night. 
Yah. Weird. 

TGIF, people! :)



  1. Syd! You are such hot stuff :) I love your outfits. You need to teach me your ways. . . :)

  2. Pheebs! You are too nice. :) I am just trying some new stuff, stepping outside my "jeans and t-shirt box." When are you going to start blogging how awesome you and your new hubby are?? :)