Monday, July 8, 2013

Little Things

I'll admit I've been rather uninspired in terms of blogging these last few weeks. Sometimes you just have to enjoy a summer off, you know? And summer is coming rapidly to a close (my school starts in August).

But we still have a few things planned before school starts and I get to fly down to see my little sister graduate from Massage Therapy School! I am so proud of her, and I can't wait to see my family again.

Here are a few little things that I have been loving:

The Chocolate donut I finally broke down and got. I had been craving it since National Donut Day and didn't break down until the 4th of July. I think that's pretty good. 

The CUTEST notebooks that I found at Target--perfect for storing ideas.
I am a sucker for notebooks. Always have been, always will be. #sorryimnotsorry

After seeing this monstrosity driving around town and never being able to take a picture (as proof that this car exists, naturally), I finally saw it in the grocery store parking lot. My entire day was made.
Not sure how someone can get stopped for a crack in their windshield and this guy can keep driving around, but oh well. Sure makes for a laugh. 

Game nights with some friends recently. All of which last into the night and are quite loud...
You know who you are. :) 

Trying a new thing (Zumba) with a dear friend and treating myself to Jamba afterwards. Both were quite fun. :) 


I love getting out of the city... 

The plant at work that I have managed to keep alive... And not only alive, but thriving! My boss said I get to keep my job now. *Phew* #myjobdependsonaplantslifespan #heskidding #maybe

What are your "little things" you have been loving?

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