Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Organization Inspiration: File Box

Ok, so as much as it doesn't look like it from my last post, I LOVE being organized. It makes me so happy, it's a bit of a drug! Everything runs so much smoother and looks so much cuter! It makes life just a little bit easier. :)
So my project (after my husband and I settled in after the honeymoon),
was to get our paperwork in order.

I purchased a filing box and some files... and got down to business!

There was a lot to sort through...
And both those binders are full-and this is just my stuff!

Labels--the all important labels... :)

So much better! Now I just need Marcus to gather his paperwork...

All files are color coordinated and marked clearly. I included a key for myself to help me remember the filing system while I am still getting used to it.
Pretty soon, it will be second nature!

Enjoy organizing!
Hope this inspired someone to go through your old papers,
your new papers, or just get more organized in general!

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