Saturday, December 3, 2011

Love Grows

Can I say how much I love my husband?
But at the same time, every woman knows how important the engagement ring is... I was reminiscing today as I looked at my ring, and couldn't help reliving the whole thing. So of course, I had to add it to one of my Everyday Loves!
After all, I do have it on and see it every day. :)
So, my husband and I went ring shopping together, and it was he who noticed the band first... I kept it with me as we passed through all the jewelry cases. I just couldn't put it back! And every case that we went through, I loved my band more and more. It reminded me of my our love story--we knew each other for about a year before we went out on our first date. And from there, love just grew and grew. There's something to be said for giving something/somebody a chance. You might turn out happier than you ever expected!

The sides of the ring look like a lovely plant, twisting intricately and constantly growing our love stronger...

So of course, we had to get a lovely (and unique) leaf band to go with it.
It is a constant reminder that love should always be growing!

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