Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wooden Crate DIY

Ok, so this is only part of a lovely little project my Mom and I have been working on (a mother daughter bonding experience before I leave).  And what better than organizing? Well, that post will follow in a bit, but I wanted to share these ADORABLE crates I made.
I found inspiration from Pinterest here.
I had originally gotten these crates for my wedding reception, but there was a change of plans. So, there the crates sat, gathering dust. Until- inspiration struck!

So, we wanted to use these for storage, but they needed labels. So I found these mini chalkboards (also an unused wedding buy).

I had to snap off the stick, so I held the stick (as shown below) and hit the stick with a hammer so it would come off. It snapped off easily…And was strangely satisfying. J

So then I taped off the chalkboards, painted them, and removed the tape.

Then I took the chalkboards and attached them onto the crate using a hot glue gun. 

Then use for super cute storage! :) 

I used them to organize our surplus of lightbulbs for our big project... 
Pics of that coming soon! 

Have fun DIY'ing! :) 

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