Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6 Little Things...

Finally a blog post! I had to sit down and do it! Even started at work… (Shhh!).  J
Lots of things making me happy lately:

1.      School is out, people. I am free…for at least a couple weeks until my summer class starts. But it will be drawing—so it will be amazing and fun.
2.     Went to the library! Ok, totally nerdy. Whatever. Thinking about finally breaking down and reading the Hunger Games, but they were all out. So I got Bossypants instead. Tina Fey is a hoot—and a little TMI.

  3.     MSN Messenger is the next best thing since sliced bread. Ok, not really…But my hubby and I both have desk jobs now, so it makes it easy and fun to share videos, articles, and random thoughts about our day.
4.     Trying out new restaurants together. We had one for each of us this past week or so! He showed me this great burger joint (Hires Big H) in SLC that he had discovered when some friends took him to lunch, and I shared Buffalo Wild Wings with him at a work party watching a basketball game.


Big H    and    BWW    

   5. Getting our windows tinted on the car. Seriously, people. We feel like spies. So fricken sneaky.

6.     I got a haircut! It was definitely time for a change. Pictures coming soon! 

And a few more things: 

Hubby's birthday... :) Love you, Babe! 

Our bunny we mutilated...

Easter Sunday

A lovely (but quick) visit from Marcus's family. 

Well, hubby is sneaking a quick nap in the other room... 
Wonder if I should join him? Haha, that's a silly question...



  1. I love Hires! We'd always go as a family when I was young. Always a big H and cherry limeade. Yummy! :)

  2. Mmm, that sounds super good! I'll have to get M to take me back and try out the limeade. :)