Saturday, April 7, 2012

Colonoscopy and Conference :)

Wow, life has been crazy! Thought I'd share a few things with you guys that has been going on! :) 

Went to a Jazz v. Nuggets game... We were some of the few cheering for the Nuggets (they lost, I don't want to talk about it), but the best part was this ad that kept coming up on the screen... No phone number, no company. Just lettin' you know COLONOSCOPY. Haha! 

About a month ago, I was invited to be in one of my college's honor societies.
 HECK YES! This is Marcus and I at the banquet...

...I was pretty excited...   :)

My family also came down for the banquet--this is my little brother and our doggie... So cute. :) 
Except in this pic they had just jumped on the bed Marcus and I had just made for ourselves on the floor...Little  punks. ;) 

We visited the new mall downtown-- it was way fun. This is me with my sis and bro. :) 

We also got the chance to go see General Conference in person... So great! The weather was beautiful! Temple square was soooo packed, but it was a cool experience. Above is the fam- minus my older brother. 


Did I not tell you the blooms were gorgeous? Ah! Made my day. 

Aaannndddd.... Just for fun, I'll share a couple more little things: 

The cute skirt I just bought (Old Navy). It's way cuter in person, and it's so comfy and flowy!

Totally thinking about getting bangs like this (maybe a little heavier, but just kinda airy and fun...). 

Also found this adorable blog about remixing your wardrobe- so useful! 
It's called "Putting Me Together."

Also been totally obsessed with Ellen Degeneres videos lately... Here's one that had me doing silent laughter (you know what I'm talking about)... 
I watched it on lunch at work--my co-workers thought I was nuts... Oh well! :) 

Wow. I talked a lot today. I'll leave you all alone now... :) 

Have a great night! And don't forget to enjoy the Everyday Loves!


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