Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Things-- It's the Little Things!

Oh my goodness. Talk about summer fever. I have it so bad, people. And this is not a good thing considering I have a physical science test this week and about 20+ pages of Supreme Court cases to memorize. (Why am I paying for this torture they call school?) 

Well, that's my excuse for now, I know blog posts have been few and far between. 

But I had a few things I'd love to share, just to get caught up a little. :) 

Found a pretty cool software--PolaDroid.
 Love the Instagram look--for those of us without an Iphone. 

New Love! Washi tape--ordered some online. It's so fun! 
I've been using it on Project Life--such a simple touch, but such a difference. 

I have a little sketchbook I love to carry around with me... 

updated with Washi tape! 

Love the sentiment on this tape. :) Totally fits!! 

Well,  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Hope I can get through mine! :) 

Enjoy the Little Things! 

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