Sunday, April 29, 2012

The weekend...

Love the weekend... Oh so much! 

Basketball, apartment hunting, AMAZING greek frozen yogurt (strawberry shortcake, um-YES!), and organizing some paperwork for school. Good weekend so far! 
1. Hubby is so cute playing basketball--and he puts up with me sucking...and getting emotional about it. 

2. I realized I've been to 4 different schools so far, and plan on transferring again at least once. Bleh!

3. This AMAZING show Castle--I've always been a fan, but now I'm re-watching all the seasons with Hubby. I think we have watched 5 episodes so far this weekend... Meaning Saturday, haha! We like to guess "who done it," but we always cheat by looking at how much time is left in the show (Duh, if there is 15 minutes left, it's probably not the guy they are interrogating now). And of course, that frozen greek yogurt made everything even better.

4. We also went apartment shopping- I'm so excited to get a new place. Our lease isn't up for a few months, but I think we may have found somewhere really nice. Hopefully nothing prevents us from moving in there. Fingers crossed! 

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