Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday, Mondays, Tuesdays Are For...

Sundays are for…
-Snuggling! ALL. AFTERNOON.
-Sneaking snacks to church…pretty sure everyone knows me as the pretzel lady now.
-Hubby yelling in creepy voices out the window at the neighborhood kids and then hiding. We were laughing so hard...I DIED. 

-Hubby using my bra to block out the sunlight for naptime. Apparently it works—and he didn’t even use one of my cute bras. I'll keep that picture to myself. :) 

Mondays are for…
-Getting your credit card number stolen. No, I did not use my card to buy a bus pass in England: thank you for calling, Mr. Credit Card Company.
-Student print centers closing 10 minutes early…right when you needed only 3 pages copied to finish the financial aid process. Oh, but no can do—they are closing up the register…That’s when I stomp away and consider a few obscene gestures to let him know how I felt about THAT.
-Crappy days at work.
-Once Upon A Time, my obsession. Shining light in that Monday, though. …Which is sad…
-Watching Hubby play a game of bball and KILL it. Way to go, babe!
-New Hawaiian restaurant with friends. Super good food! 

Tuesdays are for...
-Getting off early from work so the repairman can gut my washer...Maybe now it can actually wash our clothes? Nah, maybe that's asking too much.  
-Waiting for Hubby to get home from work... Weird feeling, because normally we drive home together. Feel like I should have an apron on and dinner in the oven. ;) 

And... Here's the new pic of my hair that I forgot to post the other day. 


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