Monday, May 14, 2012

6 Months After That Whole Wedding Thing...

So my Mom reminded us over the weekend that it is our 6 month wedding anniversary. I know, I know, we should remember...We were just so focused on the 1 year anniversary that we forgot there was a reason to celebrate in-between! Of course, everyday is a day to celebrate when you are married to your best friend. 

It was such a great day:

My Hubby is so amazing... 

6 things I LOVE about him:
1. His drive.
         He is so dedicated and motivated--nothing gets in his way after he makes up his mind. 
         Except my puppy-dog eyes. :)
2. His infectious joy.
        His smile and laugh instantly brighten my day. Every day. 
3. His arms.
        Feeling them around me is my favorite. 
4. His common sense. 
        He is so intelligent and logical. He keeps me grounded. 
5. He keeps me safe. 
        I'm never really worried when he is with me. I can't imagine facing the world without him!
6. His eyes. 
        I want to get lost. Seriously. 

Here's to another 6 months--we won't forget then! 

I love you, baby. 


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