Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Life

Ok, been saying for forever that I would post some of my Project Life stuff. So here we go! 
I love how simple this system/product is--I love to scrapbook, but I do not have any time to do it or to buy the supplies. However, why should that stop me? Project Life is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. 

Ok, enough of the commercial. (Think I'll get any free stuff? Haha)

Opening Page--I'll write on that journaling card after the book is done...Or as soon as I come up with something creative to say. Ha!

I do a layout every month--it keeps up with everything, but I don't get worn down by doing it every week or whatever. I just keep a file of little things during the month (tickets, programs, etc.) and pull them all out when I am ready to document the month. 

I added a pic of a great game and the score sheet for Marcus and I (He WOOPED me), our new car, and our new empty apartment... Just little things that remind me of life--even a new favorite meal we tried that month (which is now on regular rotation--yummy)

I like the spots for journaling--writing the story helps keep the meaning of the picture or trinket. 

We went to the vow... :) I sewed a little heart on the ticket stubs: it's the little touches I love. 

I used a regular sheet protector for some bigger stuff that month--it was great to still keep it together but not have to cut everything up to fit into the pockets. 

Right now my layouts are pretty basic--but I can't wait to get some more supplies and make the layouts/embellishments more elaborate. But with our budget and time right now, I am really happy with Project Life. 

Best product to buy (that is not PL) is washi tape. This stuff is so versatile and adds a pop of color to journal cards, photos, etc.


Anyway, love this hobby--and feel like I'll appreciate it a ton in the long run. 

Do you scrapbook? How? 
Do you like Project Life (Why/Why Not)?

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