Friday, May 18, 2012

The Death of Datenight. (Insert Dramatic "Dun. Dun. Dun.")

Fridays are for dates. Period.

So when Hubby's work wants him to stay late on Friday, that's not ok. NOT OK.

And yet, here I am, planning an evening alone.

Haha, ok I'm being dramatic, but it kinda sucks.

Sooo.... I came up with a few cozy ideas. The weather is rainy and cloudy in Salt Lake, so I wanted to get home from work and curl up...

With some yummy hot chocolate...
(Yes, I am well aware it is almost summer...And yet the craving stomach does not careeeee....)

And a few of these... :)

**Sidenote, I found this on Pinterest and thought it was funny--and so true!

Then I think I'll get my FLUFFIEST blankie...

Yes, I said blankie.

And grab my sketchbook to work on some homework...
(And no, that's not my sketchbook...I WISH it looked like that!)

And I'll pretend it looks like this outside. :)

And I will wait for Hubby  to get home...
...And knowing me, I'll probably be sound asleep.

See you next week, datenight.

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