Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthdays are for.... Lasting all week!

So my birthday fell on a Tuesday this year... 
The same day that my husband had to go to school until 9pm. Boo. 

A few good things happened on my actual birthday-- 

1. I was the only person in the office that day at work... What does that mean? Blasting Pandora Radio and singing along, of course. 
2. Sour Patch Kids I grabbed on my walk from school to work. Freakin' Yum. 
3. Praise from my drawing teacher. Feels so damn good. 
4. A realization that made my life easier. That is all. 
5. New post-its at work. Yes, I count that as a great thing...You can tell I've worked in an office for a while. 
6. ...The Bachelorette.... While Hubby was gone at school. I KNOW, I KNOW!!! IT SUCKS YOU IN, OK??!! Something so satisfying about those 45 minutes of drama, overacting, and constant monologuing...
7. Hubby coming home with presents!!!!!

Why yes, that is Castle season 2 and 3. I have a complete set now--Bravo, Hubby. Bravo. 

So my actual birthday was a pretty great day! 

Well, turns out my Daddy came for a business trip on Thursday. 
And he took me to Red Robin (My fav- I would die for those fries)....
In his shiny rental Mustang. 

So exciting. 
And super awesome to see my Dad- it was a fun Daddy Daughter Date Night. 
Thanks, Pops. :)

And, he brought presents from home. Let's just say I have awesome parents. 

Then Hubby wanted to make it up to me for being gone all night on my actual birthday, so Friday we went to another great restaurant, Zupas, and then went clothes shopping (only went shopping for about an hour... Hubby thought it felt like a year. What a good man he is to put up with me).

And then of course, we had to have cake. Duh. So we came home and I showed Hubby how to make it. I think it was his first time making a cake... But that didn't stop him from doing it in style!

He makes awesome cake. 

Yay for the best birthday cake ever (yellow cake with freaking RAINBOW CHIP FROSTING-aka the  BEST--and made by someone who loves me)!

Good Birthday, 2012. 

Thanks :) 

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