Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midnight Cookies

Ok, so I didn't really make cookies at midnight. But when you are married, working, and going to school, that's what 10:30 feels like. Marcus told me (very helpfully the night before) that he needed to bring cookies to work the next day. Ok. No problem. Being the proud new wife that I am, I would not allow him to go and buy cookies--what kind of wife would I be? (Note to self: a smart one).

Mmm. I can't complain anymore. It was totally worth it. Homemade Oreos are AMAZING. 
The recipe has been in my family for, um, one generation, but we are still well-known at "bring dessert" church activities. And now, I am off to go munch on one before Hubby plays basketball tonight (an intramural game-what a stud, right?). 
And I'll probably take a nap. 
Be jealous. 

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