Thursday, May 10, 2012

A White Shirt. And Marriage Advice.

Once upon a time when my Mother probably thought I wasn't listening, she gave me some advice about marriage. It was before I ever met Marcus, but I vowed on that day to be the type of wife that my mother is. She told me to "Always have an ironed shirt for your husband." As life has passed and my own marriage has begun, I see the wisdom in that advice. It was about the shirt, but it was about more than that. It was also about doing the little things for your spouse. Everybody wants to know they are loved, and the little things show that better than anything. It also shows that you are a team and 
you want to help each other along the way. 

So here's to an amazing Mom, the example of a wonderful, loving wife. I will always be grateful for that little piece of advice (among others) that makes my own marriage happier. 

Love you, Mom. 
Happy Mother's Day. 

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