Sunday, June 10, 2012

In which we imagine scuba diving in Fiji...

Hubby and I need a vacation. We have that crazy "lets-go-buy-tickets-to-Fiji-and-never-come-back" feeling. Not a great feeling when you know you have to work. 

So we decided to make a list of fun things to do around town so we can "get away" while staying here. We had plans to go to an arts festival, but I kinda slept in... A lot. :) 

So we decided to go to the Aquarium instead. 

Freaky Fishy....

I will call him Squishy and he shall be mine... Too much? Hahaha

The Turtle that thought he was "too cool" to stick around for a picture...

Hubby with the piranhas... He's convinced we need a tank full of them at home. 
I said we'd talk about it... lol

My favorite- the adorable otters

Oh, y'know. I'm just floating here on my back. Eating my food. No big deal. 

The zippy penguins who put on a show...

Those suckers are fast! I love the trail of bubbles they leave behind... 

Guess who found Nemo?? 

Ok, nowhere NEAR Fiji, but we had a good day-- 
of course, any day is a good day when you spend it with your best friend. 

Happy weekend! Hope yours was great. 

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