Friday, February 8, 2013

New Year, New School, New Busy Schedule

Wow! Already February... Can't believe I missed blogging Christmas and New Year--we have a few things to catch up on! 

For Christmas, we drove back to The Promised Land (aka Colorado) and stayed with my parents. It was so great to see my fam and Marcus's families. Yay for holiday breaks and family time!

My Mom's mantle decoration

My first Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate--in a lovely holiday cup

My DIY peter pan collar

Driving away from the Denver skyline

Christmas lights at Temple Square

Right before New Years, Hubby and I moved to a little apartment closer to downtown (and I really like it!). It is older, but it just feels cozy and more like a home. But boy I am glad to be done moving! What a pain in the butt. And the UHaul I reserved was not nearly as big as it said online....Hubby had to do a little, um, creative packing. 

So glad to be done with that mess. We are pretty much all settled in--besides a few floating shelves that Hubby has procrastinated hanging. :(

I also started at another new school (#foreveratransferstudent) in January. My classes are pretty cool, but there is a lot of homework to be done! As I write this, I should probably be doing one of three other projects. >.< 

Oh, well. I have to make time for things I want to do too, riiiight? What's that? That's what I said when I was watching the Bachelor? Hm. I need to think up a few more justification excuses. I'll probably go do that instead of homework. ;)

Some Favorites for a Friday: 

Music Video: 

Newly discovered blog/vlog:

Recipes I am TOTALLY trying this weekend (or soon):

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