Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Friends and Baseball--What American Summers are made of

Ok, confession: I'm not a lover of baseball. But good friends and an excuse to bbq? That I can get behind. 

Utah doesn't have any real teams. Sorry, Utah. 
You don't have a football team, you don't have a hockey team, you don't have a baseball team. 

You have soccer. That's useless nice. 

But they do have a minor league baseball team (whose redeeming qualities include their logo and their fireworks). Haha, I kid. Kinda. The Salt Lake Bees:

But seriously. How cute is that logo. 

Anyway, so we went to a game last weekend and it was fun! M and I, my dear friend April and her Hubby all went... Somehow she and I did not even get a picture together... That will need to be remedied somehow (I'm coming upstairs when you are in your pj's and getting a picture, April! Mwahaha). We had homemade J-Dawgs (not as good as the real thing, but good in a pinch) and then headed to the game.  

What I wore... 

Check out that lady's hair in front of us... She looks like she escaped from a Dragon Ball Z cartoon...

Hubby needs to smile more! Haha, he hates pictures.

Me with the adorable mascot, Bumble. He was under the impression his team was number one. 
I'm sure it was hard to see out of that costume, so I went along with it instead of
 breaking the bad news to him (8-2). Lol. 

But we had a great time, it was so fun! Grateful for good friends. 

and fireworks. Always grateful for fireworks. 


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