Monday, May 6, 2013

Gallery Wall

During finals, you always think of a thousand other things you would rather be doing. For me, sitting at the dining room table and  constantly occasionally checking Pinterest, I wanted so badly to decorate. I'm sure I have mentioned a thousand times the shelves that M has never quite got around to. I wish this post was about them. But it's not. Sometimes a girl just has to do some decorating herself! Haha, oh finals brain. Why won't you focus? 

Anyway, now that finals are over I can start tackling my to-do list. One thing that I day-dreamed about for our apartment was a gallery wall. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know. 

So I finally did it! 

This is how our tiny dining room looked before:

Don't mind the vacuum cord, I snapped a few pictures while I was cleaning...

And here it is now:

I loved the look of the mixed frames, so I "splurged" ($14) on the wood one, and found a great deal on the rest (all from Target). 

My plan is to keep expanding it (tastefully, haha) and add some of my own art. I did make the arrow M&S on the right, the "Home is Wherever I am With You" with the city skylines on the left, and the "stand" one right below it, but those were really simple (if they count at all). 

I just love how it makes our tiny apartment feel a little more homey. 

Now to start bothering Hubby about the shelves again.... :) 


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