Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why I love Sundays

Technically this picture has nothing to do with the story below. But it is pretty, and I actually took it. So there. :)

So April flew by, right? Spring is here! Anybody else thought I died? I was sure I did. But no! Finals are over, and I am good as new! Good as new and hopefully not as much of a blogging slacker as before... Haha. 

This summer, Hubby and I are taking time off school. He hasn't had a summer off since his mission (about 3 years) and we haven't had one semester off since we have been married. 
We are seizing the moment! Well, the summer. 

And we started the summer off with a bang!  
First, it was church with an hour and a half nap afterward (we're partiers, no?)

Then, we goofed around for a bit--pretty sure there was a "fight" where Marcus tried to take my camera charger and I ended up on the floor with the charger underneath me, him trying to pry my limbs apart to get it. ...he won. Our downstairs neighbors hate us (Sorry Hope and Joe!). Haha. 

Then there was dinner--I actually had some time to try today, so we had some salmon with tomato/green pepper/green onion/cilantro/lime juice concoction on top. I probably sounds more legit than it was, but I was pretty proud of it.

We then demolished the rest of the cookies from some friends (Thanks April, I've gained 10lbs-ha!) and  gave each other hour long back rubs while watching various Netflix movies (Lion King and Nova. Who knows).

Here's to a summer of Saturdays filled with adventures, and many more Sundays exactly like this one. 


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