Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Farmer's Market Adventure

On Saturday I we had the idea to go to the Downtown SLC Farmer's Market. I really wanted to go see what it was like. I had begged Hubby to go with me all last Summer but we had never quite found the time. Isn't that funny how a whole summer can slip through your fingers? Of course, we were both in school that summer. This summer we are trying to make the most of things!

So off the the Market we went. On foot. I was in flipflops. For 15 blocks. Yikes! I didn't really think that through, huh? I thought parking would be crazy and it was such a gorgeous day... So we walked it. It was really lovely, I love staring around at all the little details that make up a town. I love graffiti in alleyways, brick sidewalks, fresh flowerbeds, and a sky so sunny you have to squint when you stare up at all the tall/interesting buildings.

But it was also very warm and M was wearing jeans... he wasn't very happy with me. Oops, haha. I don't think he heard me when I told him the address. And we got to the Market and there were none of the big ripe strawberries I was hoping for. Boo. Maybe next time. And maybe next time I'll convince myself that I really do need those "one-of-a-kind" fabric covered stud earrings and the handmade ceramic spoon rest (which I actually have been wanting...) that are all insanely overpriced. Maybe.

(The only picture I got from the Market-- a painting that caught my eye. 
I'll definitely have to take more next time.)

So Hubs and I walked back the 15 blocks--him burning up in jeans and me trying to walk differently so I wouldn't rub the blisters on my feet... Now I have some huge blisters and a pretty crazy sunburn. 
And no fresh strawberries. 
Good Saturday outing, haha.


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