Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Friday...Friiiiiiiday!!! My favorite word these days. Firstly, I am not complaining. But work has seemed crazy long without school to break it up a little bit. And M and I are taking advantage of the extra time we have...and working more. Bleh. But that being said, M and I can focus on doing fun stuff on the weekends (instead of homework). Lots of hikes, festivals, and smoothies coming this weekend, I can feel it. And maybe some swimming. Sounds good to me! These summer weekends... Definitely a favorite. :) 

For some reason this week, I have been obsessed with kitchens on Pinterest
But seriously, how amazing are these? 

(1, 2, 3)

Ever contemplated what the end of your life may be like? Hopefully not this: 

And I am in love with this lady's soulful sounds: 

School must really be on the brain, because I am already looking for a new planner (help me!):
But when it is this cute, it doesn't feel like school stuff. Perfect. 

Happy Friday! 


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