Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In which I share weekend pictures and pretend it just happened because almost everything that happens on a weekday is boring...

A side-note on that title: good gracious, weekdays can be boring, can't they? Occasionally we will get the chance to hang with friends on a weekday, or have an especially fun night just the two of us... But holy cow. For the most part (at least lately) I have been livin' for the weekend. With summer this year came no school, so that means lots of time for... wait for it... Overtime at work. I know, you wish you had my life, right? These are the days of overtime to make up for the days when I can only work 3/4 time because of school. But alas--on to the weekend!

And it was full of chalk, so much chalk! This weekend we went to the local chalk art festival (me being the artsy-fartsy person I am and Husband having next to no choice). It was really cool to see so many talented people, many of which were so young!

 ^^ M's favorite (I couldn't really pick a favorite because I am lame like that...)

^^ This is M's "I'm-so-done-with-pictures-I-married-a-crazy-lady" face. 
Except. That's the only one I took of us. So there... Only kinda crazy. ;) 


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