Friday, August 30, 2013

Funny Thing About Sacrifice.

Ok, so. I don't often discuss religion on my blog. But I have my beliefs and I respect others who have different beliefs. But just because I understand that there are some that don't believe the same as me, does not mean that I will stop sharing what I believe.

Woah, that soapbox was wobbly. Ok, to get on with it...

I'm pretty busy. I work 30+ hours a week, and go to school full time. Plus the other countless things that come with just living a good life. Many others are busier than me, but we all have our specific struggles, I suppose. I have also been teaching a Gospel Doctrine class at my church. It's been a learning experience--mostly in me learning how to speak confidently in a large group of people that probably know more than me.

But recently I was asked to instead serve in our youth program, Young Women. I was asked to be the secretary in the presidency. It's a big responsibility to serve these awesome young women to the measure that they need. There's also tons of clerical type work to keep everything running smoothly. And the responsibility of well, feeling responsible for the well-being of all these girls. With school starting, and the VERY heavy homework that comes with being an art major, I knew a calling this big would be very difficult to fulfill. I told them I would have to think about it. As soon as I prayed, I got the words in my head, "You know what you have to do." And I thought back to what the counselor had said when he 
extended the call to me... "Whatever you stand in need of, the Lord will give you if you serve."

I need time. I need time for homework, time to strengthen our marriage, keep our house running, and time to progress in my degree and get a 4.0. It's intimidating and challenging and overwhelming. But over this last week I have also felt an incredible peace-- a peace that I know if I serve faithfully, that the Lord will help me with school this semester. I feel him with me, stronger than I have in a while.
I know he lifts me as I struggle to juggle everything. 

I've been able to be productive, to get things done, and not feel stressed out or pressed for time. 
I've also felt a zeal for school that I haven't in a while, and a confidence in my artistic abilities. 
This is all new for me, and I know that it is because my Savior knows me and knows the blessings I need. 

So there's a reason the Lord asked me to serve--and he's blessing me greatly for it already. 


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