Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Time for some of my Friday Favorites/Everyday Loves:

Since starting school this week, tons of motivational thoughts have been running around in my head. And can we be honest for a sec? That never happens. So I'm going with this great vibe I'm getting. I bet it has something to do with this.

And also these awesome quotes: 

Can Fall be here already? But... I want Fall to stay until it's time to be Summer again. Anyone else? 

TV show I am obsessed with (I think I have seen every episode 2+ times), and now I've gotten Hubby to watch it! So excited for Season 3. 
(P.s. Season 1 is on Netflix right now, and Season 2 will be added to Netflix Sept. 17. 
Season 3 airs Sept. 17. Brought to you by an obsessed fan.)

What I want my work space to look like: 

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!! 
Mine will be filled with football, a good friend's BBQ, and lots of design homework. :)

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