Thursday, September 26, 2013

Current Happenings

waking up has been very hard lately--late nights to get homework done has been the norm around here.
sleeping in my mind. Someone let me take a nap. ;)
experimenting with design software/ideas
watching Big Bang Theory--almost all caught up. Bazinga!
so enjoying any minute Hubby and I get that isn't overshadowed by school or work. 
making a Shepard Fairy style portrait for class
writing down lots of ideas...
wearing a university sweatshirt... and a dirty hair "princess bun." You know, the glamour of no sleep. 
ordering these boots... Um, I wish. Maybe. We'll see. 
planning out homework and when I can get to the printer. 
dreaming about my own free-lance graphic design business. 
hanging  our shelves!!! FINALLY!!! Well, we only hung one, and then I hung our letters above it. Pictures coming soon. :) 
drinking water. But hello, Mtn. Dew when I get to school today. 
feeling stressed/excited about being in the graphic program. 
reading Shaken Faith Syndrome. A really interesting read--helpful info for many people in my life. 
loving hot chocolate. Had a "coffee" date with a fantastic friend at Starbucks last Saturday. Um, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate craving as I write this. YUM.


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