Thursday, August 29, 2013

What I Learned From the First Week of Design School (U of U)

(First Week's Outfits) 

No Textbooks! Yay!

Uh... $500 in supplies and software? Not so yay...

Get to know the people in your class, if you don't already... Uh, because they will be in all your classes.

They'll also be in the bookstore, trying to get the same supplies you are... Which can be fun. Or awkward, if there is only one bottle of spray adhesive left.

People always know you are an art major. It probably has something to do with the 4'x5' museum board you just bought and have to haul around campus with you all day.

There's another drawing class. Really.

Your teachers tell you not to work over 20 hours, and you know you have to work 30... Crap.

The teachers referred to the first year in the Design Program as "Boot Camp." Um, yay?

You already have a project due in your Visual Design class.

Everyone on campus will be very aware of what your major is. Mainly because you have to haul around giant poster boards, rolls of paper, and 24x36 drawing boards. And your other materials. 

The first day is just going over the syllabus and you are out, right? Wrong.

That 6pm-10pm class you signed up for? Yah, that dude took all 4 hours on the first day.

It is so incredibly interesting, exciting, intimidating, time consuming and amazing. And it's only the first week.

You will fall in love with it. 

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