Thursday, December 22, 2011

Organization Inspiration: Pantry Makeover

Ok, remember the huge "mother-daughter" project I told you about? Well, today is the post! 
After nearly 17 years in our house with very minor pantry changes, it was time for a revamp! 

The bottom half of the pantry had mostly baskets for vegetables (like onions or potatoes), spices, and other random things that pantries tend to collect. 

There was also an assortment of containers, some older than the pantry itself! 

There was also overloaded storage in the top of the pantry. 

So much stuff came out of that pantry! It was past due for a clean-out. 

Now to organize and streamline...And paint?

Yes! Paint... We were looking for a new look, and the orange matched the cushions in the sitting room where the pantry is located. 

How fun and energetic is this color?!? It was hard to capture the exact color on my camera,
 it is less pumpkin-y in person. 

We had a very curious helper that got into the paint... And had to be quickly captured and cleaned. :)

Soon, the pantry was fully painted! 

We then had to wait overnight for the paint to dry to do the fun part... 

And...Drumroll...BIG REVEAL! 

So, what happened? :)
We picked two container types and stuck with it. The white-lidded square containers bring a streamlined look, and the glass containers were bigger for larger storage and add visual interest. And above all, everything is see-through so you can find everything easily! We eliminated the baskets at the bottom (except for one), which makes it easier to clean. It also got rid of a lot of unnecessary bulk, as there wasn't much stored in the baskets on the floor. 

Notice the lovely crates at the top? That's what this post was about- 
they add so much to the pantry, I love the farm-y look. :) 

There are a lot of little details that I love in the pantry:

 Cute Cricut letters and a hook for aprons...
 A cute grocery list and a sneaky spot for cookbooks...

 A catch-all basket and adorable labels (with one of my favorite fonts!)
A special doggie station for all our food and treats... (Our spaniel, Zach, approves)   :)  

And those lovely crates! 

The before and after: 

We had so much fun doing this pantry makeover, and the pantry 
is now very user-friendly and streamlined. 

Did you see anything you really like? 
Did this motivate you to organize your "forgotten places"? 

Enjoy organizing! :)

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