Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Everyday Loves: INTERNET! And...

Good heavens. Can I say what a freaking big pain in the butt it is to not have internet? I feel like it's been forever!
 Ok, update time: So the Mr. and I got through our big move- finally! We've been in the apartment for a week now! I love it! It's really fun to decorate and make sure everything runs smoothly in your home. 
So we moved in last Tuesday and we got internet yesterday. Bleh. The Mr. was trying to look up jobs and we were trying to get addresses changed and everything was a gigantic mess because the internet people decided they couldn't bother with us until then. Lovely. 
However, I now have a new job- very busy and frustrating fulfilling. 
But, I've missed blogging terribly (weird, huh?)-- so I'll share a few pics to get us caught up. 

I made this ADORABLE cleaning bucket- always gets me inspired to clean up the apartment... :)

The Christmas present made of cash that I made for my brother... 
(This Post gave you a sneak peak-remember?)  :)

The dried bouquet from my wedding! :) So pretty. 


I got this for Christmas, I'm very excited to use it for scrapbooking. It will make recording the fun times with Hubby so much easier and faster- which is great because I work full time and go to school. 
And, I just think it's so cute! 
I'll definitely keep you updated on how I like Project Life, I plan on doing it once a month. 

Now I have internet, I should have another post coming soon. 
Thanks for reading! 

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