Monday, January 16, 2012

Taste Of Home

Ok, So here I am again... My little reward for getting my reading list done for today. :) 

Super excited about this post, this idea came to me on Saturday morning when I was trying to sort through the recipes I had copied from my Mom's recipe book (they're really bad copies- I could just re-type them all... But they lose the sentimental value that way. And I remember the meal by the way the recipe looks, haha). 

But! Anyway. Big organizational mess sorting through the recipes. So, before our weekly grocery trip, I begged my husband to take me by Office Depot (I kid you not, one of my favorite stores). I had all my recipes bound into a DIY cookbook, with fun dividers to keep all of the recipe "genres" separate. 

Take a look! 

Love the dividers....

They have pockets!!! Great for notecard recipes or just any extra ones I decide I need. 

Love that I have a taste of home in my kitchen now.   :) 

Got any great projects that came to you on a whim? Please share! 

Happy organizing! 

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