Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today I Want to Dream

I woke up this morning frustrated. 

I woke up frustrated with the unfinished school project due tomorrow, and the deadlines I have set for myself which I will probably miss. I woke up frustrated at the load of sh*t I had to carry to school and work because of our current car situation and large bag of props for projects. 

I woke up frustrated that I have all these things I want to learn that I don't seem to have time for. For the person I want to become that seems to keep falling by the wayside. 

I woke up frustrated at the bitter wind that slapped me in the face this morning as I locked our front door, sh*t in tow, completely unready to face the day. 

And M could tell. We drove in silence, said I love you, and went our separate ways to work. And then his sweet text to "keep my head up" reminded me that it is ok to feel overwhelmed. 
He totally got it, and let me have my time to be a cranky mess. 

So I will breathe. 

And I will dream. 

And then I will pull my lazy butt out of the clouds, stop complaining, and get to friggen work. 

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