Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break

In my dreams, I am getting ready to travel to a tropical climate with very fashionable clothes for a week of no cares with my Hubby. 

In reality, we are both up super late worried/studying for tomorrow's midterms. 

Well, I can dream. And now you can dream with me: 

We would find little hole in the wall restaurants with foods we can't pronounce and wander streets and quaint shops forever. We would go horseback riding in the ocean and Hubby would beat me in the race across the beach. We would snuggle and watch sunsets swim and 
never look at a watch, calendar, or phone. 

This is one of the outfits I would wear on our hypothetical vacation--that dress is classy enough to wear around into the shops and restaurants, but simple enough to throw on over my swimsuit. 

 I love this trendy tribal suit and this super easy maxi dress. Both are a no-brainer for my vacation. 

Are you getting the wonderful, beautiful, unrealistic picture? 

Mmmm.... Me too. :) I think I will let it follow me into my dreams tonight. 


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