Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thoughts on 23

Welp, I guess I can't sing this song anymore...

Today is my birthday, and I really liked this quote (pictured above) that my friend pinned on Pinterest. 
It really encompasses everything I want to strive for this year. I have a bad habit of comparing myself, especially as an artist, to others. It ends now! 

Well... Maybe tomorrow? Hahaha. 

But really, I just want to spend this next year being an even better me. There are so many fun and challenging things coming up for me this year. Some things I am terrified about. Some things I am super stoked about. But overall I'm ready for whatever comes. 

I'm really grateful for my family and friends. And although (as some of you may know) I may not be Utah's biggest fan, M and I have made some great friends here. Grateful to everyone in my life (especially my family) that has helped me survive this long. ;) 

Now... Here's to a day of work (a day spent wondering what M's surprise he keeps mentioning is) and a kick-ass free Red Robin burger for dinner. 

Self, it's going to be a good day. 


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